Rose Chen

Piano Studio Policy


Welcome! I’m excited to begin our work together. Understanding these policies and expectations will help ensure a fun, successful musical experience. 

Students will receive weekly lessons from September through June. Lessons can also be arranged during summer depending on my schedule.  Lessons are 30, 45, and 60 minutes in length based on student’s level and age. 

Students are expected to perform at recitals offered in June and/or December. There is no fee for participating in the recital. But parents may be asked to bring refreshments to share at the post-recital reception. Students will receive presents or awards for performing at the recital. 

Each student uses a set of 2-4 music books and an assignment notebook. I purchase the materials in advance and include the cost in the monthly invoice. The assignment notebook is our main point of contact. It details the practice assignment in manageable steps, provides recommendations for easier practice, and has a space for the student/parent to log practice. Students should always refer to their assignment notebook. 

Practicing at least 4 days per week is expected. Length of practice will vary based on the student’s level of advancement. It is the parent’s responsibility to schedule and enforce daily practice. The weekly assignments should be viewed as "homework." Completion of homework and thorough preparation of assignments for each lesson is expected.

The discipline of daily practice leads to progress which fuels motivation.  Parents are expected to be actively involved in practicing with beginners and young children until they reach an age where they can be more self-directed in their practicing.

The best indicator of enjoyment of a new activity is the feeling of growth. Nothing beats the feeling of having mastered something new and challenging. Students of all ages can tell when they’re not progressing, and the result of not practicing is a steep decline into boredom. Students who practice regularly enjoy piano because they’re excelling.  

PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT (for younger students)
Parents may or may not attend the lesson. If you’re not sure, my recommendation is not to attend, as students tend to focus and be more creative with fewer adult observers. With that said, parents and the occasional visitor (such as a visiting grandparent) are welcome. 

While at home, parents should help instill a good practice habit from the get-go by making it a routine. Supervision isn’t necessary, but parents do need to provide quiet time and ensure that the assignment notebook is being used. For older students, as activities and school demands increase, help your child continue to keep their practice routine. Remember that the biggest indicator of enjoyment is the feeling of growth and achievement. It’s very important that older students feel they are moving past the “baby stuff.” 


Lesson fees will be paid at the beginning of each month via Venmo or Chase Zelle. 

I travel to students: 

$40 for 30 minutes

$55 for 45 minutes

$70 for 60 minutes (one student)

Students travel to me:

$30 for 30 minutes

$45 for 45 minutes

$60 for 60 minutes (one student)

*Bundled lessons within same household may be discounted. Please discuss with me. 

Lessons must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance in order to qualify for a make-up lesson or reimbursement. Exceptions will only be made for illness if I am notified four hours before the scheduled lesson time.

In the event that I must cancel, I will offer a make-up lesson or reimbursement.  

I welcome feedback and communication. You may call, text, or email me.