Rose Chen

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Live Performances

Ravel, Jeux d'eau

Rachmaninoff, Prelude in G, op.32, No.5

Rachmaninoff, Prelude in B minor, Op.32, No.10

Arensky, Piano Trio, mvt.2 (performed with Blue Rose Trio)

Arensky, Piano Trio, mvt.4 (performed with Blue Rose Trio)

Schonfield, Cafe Music, mvt.1 (performed with Blue Rose Trio)

Piazzolla, Micheangelo-70 (performed with Haberdashery Ensemble)

Dvorak, Piano Trio in F minor ending (performed with Blue Rose Trio)

Piazzolla, Le Grand Tango (performed with Lars Hoefs)

Villa-Lobos, Divagação (Wandering) (performed with Lars Hoefs)

Villa-Lobos album!

"One of the standout Villa-Lobos discs of the past few years." -The Villa-Lobos Magazine

Read the liner notes or buy the CD at CDBaby. Download digitally at Amazon or iTunes.

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Villa-Lobos, O Canto da Nossa Terra
                    (The Song of our Land)

Black Swan, Yellow Beach
Blue Rose Trio

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